If you don’t leave, you will never know the coming back feeling.

Travel by plane, travel by bus, travel in your car, motorcycle or bicycle either own or someone else. Or just tight your shoes lazes well and go walking, but go and travel. As you can, travel.

Travel with your friends, with your family, with your couple, with your pet or alone; but travel, always travel.

Travel, to spend the day, the month or the entire year, travel around or fly away, but travel. And when you return, plan your next trip.

Hello! I 'm Gonzalo and invite you to be part of my trip, within and outside Peru, Soon visiting Europe and Asia.

Cameron Highlands: About Tea and Jungle

Conception and preparation of the trip: The planned route from Kuala Lumpur indicated that the next destination would be Cameron Highlands. A little shelter from the heat and humidity; qualities usually presumed by the vast majority of Southeast Asian territories. Jackets handy and out we went. Experiences: Winds of change The days in Kuala Lumpur had been really hot. In addition to this we have the dehydrating temperatures of India and Sri Lanka that I had left behind only a…

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#ChasquiMode in Petronas Towers

Kuala Lumpur and the Asian Convergence

Conception and preparation of the trip: By coincidence a friend of years back was also traveling around Asia so we decided to meet in a city that would be easy to arrive and affordable for both, being a HUB, KL proved to be the best option. I didn’t know where I was arriving, I had researched very little about Malaysia, maybe it wasn’t even in my head as a destination when I left Lima. Additionally I didn’t have contact with…

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Pidgeon Island

Sri Lanka: The East Coast

Conception and preparation of the trip: After learning about the cultural side of Sri Lanka in the mountains and the jungle, I wanted to go to the beach. At that moment the south-west monsoon hit the country so I decided to go to the west coast starting from the north. My first destination would be Trincomalee and then Arugam Bay at the south of the country. Experiences: Starting in the North I arrived to Uppuveli in Trincomalee. The town of…

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Pidurangala Rock

Sri Lanka: Kandy and Dambulla

Conception and preparation of the trip: Sri Lanka, was on my “must do” list without even knowing what I would find there. Gathering information from other travelers I arrived in Colombo and as soon as I left the airport I took the bus that would take me directly to Kandy, I would start there. As soon as I arrived I looked for accommodation and went to the tourist office to plan the route for the whole country. In half a…

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New Delhi and Goa – A summary and a Monsoon

Conception and preparation of the trip: I arrived in Delhi more than once, so I decided to write about it at the end of India. A summary of the different times I was there. Having left Peru heading East,  my arrival in New Delhi defined my longed for arrival in Asia. The more than 40ºC welcomed me to the “other side of the world”. Experiences: Couchsurfing New Delhi I had heard many versions about this experience. Many recommended and even…

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Agra – About marble, love and madness

Conception and preparation of the trip: I was already saying goodbye to India. While I was waiting for the train to depart from Jaipur I was thinking about what Ashtosh, who hosted me at his home in Delhi, told me: “INDIA means: I Never Do It Again” He said that whoever visited his country either loved it or hated it. I had more mixed feelings than ever. Anyway, I was thrilled by the emotion of seeing the Taj Mahal and…

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Jaipur – Back to Reality

Getting Ready Because I had little time left in India, I should choose my options carefully. I was obsessed with the palace in the middle of a lake called Jal Mahal in Jaipur. It also was the same route that the guys in New Delhi had recommended. If you search for pictures and references in internet about Jal Mahal you could go crazy. Surrounded by water, stunning, with lotus flowers illuminated inside. I had to see it with my own…

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Dasaswamedh Ghat - Varanasi

Varanasi – And the coexistence between living and dead

Design and preparation of the trip: Although it appears in many places in Spanish as Benares, I prefer to call it as I knew it and as originally called. Having experienced firsthand the experience of traveling with the “open ticket” of Indian trains I bought a regular ticket and went to the holy city of Varanasi.  As I had been previously hosted in New Delhi with some local devotees of Shiva,  they had told me and explained about their powerful…

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Adinath Temple

Khajuraho – Temples, tantric sex and kamasutra

Design and preparation of the trip: You arrive in New Delhi, the capital that marks the Western end from Southeast Asia and wonder what to do, where to go and how to go. I will speak about New Delhi on another post, but within the alternatives I heard from a small town full of “Kamasutra Temples”. So I got an open ticket and went there. Experiences: My first train in India I had read about trains in India and how…

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